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Shihan Teruyuki Okazaki, 10th Dan Founder and Chairman, International Shotokan Karate Federation

"it is fortunate for the many students whom Bruce has guided in the karate community that he remained true to his martial art…This manual is a helpful tool for the beginner student. It explains the proper dojo etiquette as well as the basic kihon, kata and kumite."

James Field, 8th Dan Vice-Chairman, ISKF Technical Committee Chief Instructor, ISKF Southwest Region and ISKF Santa Monica Dojo

"This is information that beginners need. It is clear and easy to read and understand. I would recommend this book to new students."

Robin Rielly, 8th Dan Member, ISKF Technical Committee Chairman, ECSKA Technical Committee Chief Instructor, Kobukan Karate Club Author of 11 books, including Complete Shotokan Karate and Karate For Kids

"Beginners entering the dojo would be well advised to refer to this book for a complete understanding of the art that they are about to undertake. Further, his discussion of basic techniques makes them comprehensible to new students. This is, I feel, a very important part of this book. It should be mandatory reading for all new students. I strongly recommend it to students and instructors alike. "

Najib Amin, 8th Dan Member, ISKF Technical Committee Chief Instructor, Shotokan Karate Club of Maryland

"I have read your book thoroughly, and since about 75% of my students are children, I found it especially interesting. One of the fascinating things about karate is that no matter how long we train, there is always something to be learned. Thank you for the time and energy you devoted to providing us with a fresh, new approach. "

Cathy Cline, 8th Dan Member, ISKF Technical Committee Chief Instructor, Western Washington Shotokan Karate Club Highest-Ranked Woman in the World

"I read your book cover to cover on the plane ride home. It is very well done and I enjoyed it very much. I think you did a thorough job of covering all aspects of training and etiquette that are needed to train in a dojo. I was happy to see the principles of respect and diligence emphasized in the training and the explanations. I will review it again and share it with a couple of my senior students…Good work…"

David Jones, 7th Dan Member, ISKF Technical Committee Regional Director, ISKF Canada Chief Instructor, ISKF Alberta

"Sensei Costa has cleverly managed to fill the gap for concise, thoughtful and meaningful reading material for those embarking upon their journey into traditional karate. His work introduces the concepts, principles and subtle nuances of karate as it is practiced in dojo across the globe. It is a gem of a book that I am thrilled to recommend to anyone interested in practicing karate. Well done indeed!"

Bob Hoffman, 8th Dan Member, East Coast Region ISKF Technical Committee Chief Instructor, Chester County Shotokan Karate Club

"It is clear that Mr. Costa has spent countless hours developing this concise and well written piece on traditional karate-do. It was a pleasure to read and in fact helped me re-evaluate some very important points. I would highly recommend adding this to your library on martial arts training. "

Oded Friedman, 7th Dan Regional Director, ISKF Israel

"Thank you for giving me your book. It is a good book, very high quality"

Mark Willis, 7th Dan Deputy Chief Instructor, Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do Federation ISKF New Zealand

"I congratulate you on a great book, very well written and full of great knowledge that not only 9th Kyu’s need to know, but the rest of us Karate-Ka. Please let me know the purchase price for more books. Oss & kind regards."

Larry Loreth, 7th Dan Member, ISKF Technical Committee President, ISKF Canada Chief Instructor, ISKF Manitoba

"I congratulate Bruce on this well thought-out, very useful book on karate for beginners. It provides beginners with valuable information on studying the martial art of karate-do. I highly recommend this book."

Kei Fukuda, 7th Dan Instructor, Venice Karate Club

"the book is well written. The coverage of manners, culture and etiquette is really helpful for beginning students. I do not recall seeing it in any other publication and this makes this book quite useful for new students. It really fits well with the title. I have read the entire book and think it is a well done introduction."

Takamichi Maeshima, 6th Dan Instructor / Examiner, ISKF Headquarters

"Welcome To Karate is very good for beginners as they explore what our karate is. You explain not only karate techniques and philosophy…but how classes should be run. Your book is perfect for the student who has attended karate class only a few times. "

Fady Antakly, 6th Dan Regional Director, ISKF Lebanon

"[Welcome To Karate] is a great support for teaching. I even gave it to my students who teach in different dojos to help them. I thank you!"

Yarim Cros, 4th Dan Regional Director, ISKF Puerto Rico

"I like your book! Really easy to read, even for an English as secondary language reader…not only in the different technical basic aspects of Karate, but also on Karate as a lifetime experience. I highly recommended to my fellow Karatekas worldwide because you can feel the lovely job done with this book. Thanks for sharing, Bruce!"

Bob Darnell, 3rd Dan Glenside Shotokan Karate Club

"I just read your book for the second time today. I think it is great and is the perfect all-in -one manual for the beginning student. I’m jealous I didn’t think of it first…I have been thinking a lot about the aspects that we all take for granted when new students enter the dojo. Your book has been a great help…I congratulate you on the hard work you put into this and wish you tremendous success. "

Paul Willoughby, 4th Dan Chief Instructor, Southern Maryland Shotokan Karate

"Bruce Costa has written an excellent manual for the beginning karate student. Welcome To Karate: 9 Kyu not only covers all the technical material a beginning student needs to know, but it also covers the etiquette and social aspects of beginning karate lessons. I particularly like the helpful self training tips sprinkled throughout the text. Any beginning student can use this manual to ease what can be an awkward and intimidating first step into the dojo. I would have like to have such a text available when I started karate and would recommend this book to my beginning karate students without reservation."

Scott Reese, 1st Dan Glenside Shotokan Karate Club

"Welcome To Karate: 9 Kyu is a must read for anyone entering a dojo. Beginning students, moms and dads, visitors, even those of us who train regularly can benefit from this book. Part of the challenge of shotokan karate is to grasp its focus on Japanese traditions, etiquette, and the Dojo Kun, as well as its use of Japanese terminology. Welcome To Karate: 9 Kyu makes this all very easy to understand. I will be recommending this book to all new students I train with. "

Dr. George Stollsteimer, 4th Dan Orthopaedic Surgeon, Makefield Orthopaedics Associates, Yardley, Pennsylvania Instructor, Arthroscopy Association’s Learning Center, Chicago

"It is with great pleasure that I write this review of Mr. Bruce Costa’s book, “Welcome to Karate”. I have been involved in Shotokan Karate for over 30 years. For much of that time I have had the privilege and pleasure of knowing and training with Bruce. Throughout that time, Bruce has always been a serious and diligent practitioner. An insightful and thoughtful karate-ka, it is no surprise to me that he has written a wonderful book directed at beginning level students. Thorough in its introduction of the basic, foundational techniques of Shotokan karate, this book belongs on the shelf of every beginning student. However, it is the way Mr. Costa imparts this information in a “learn from my experience” style that makes this book such a gem. I found myself smiling many times, agreeing with the insights gained through years of training. The advice, stories, and self-training tips imparted in these pages are invaluable. I would dare say many an advanced practitioner would also gain much by soaking up the information contained in this book. Much of Bruce’s joy in training comes across here. It is contagious and brings us back to a “beginner’s mind” in our training – a valuable gift indeed! I very much hope Mr. Costa will continue with further editions. They will be an excellent addition to any serious practitioner’s library. "

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